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Mine didnt say no, she said "you know you would just print junk that you dont need" haha

Thats why I havent bought one yet, I have no idea what I would print. Which means, I dont know what useful things I would print.
I want it.. my wife would kill me right now though if I got it! If I get it I would have to forego the Christmas Expo this year in Daytona... which would actually save me money ($210 for the weekend pass, stuff I'd buy, gas there and back... at least a $400-$500 weekend).

I already have things I want to print for pixel holders/mounts for globes, hanging lanterns, landscape lights. I could also print the brackets for my P5 sign. So many possibilities with our hobby since we have to fabricate or become McGyver and show some creative ingenuity to make things fit and work! Here are some pre-made prints you can get from Thingiverse for 12mm pixels: https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q...65c9473666a4fc