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Thread: To Switch, or Not to Switch, That is the Question? (LOR --> to xLights)

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    Question To Switch, or Not to Switch, That is the Question? (LOR --> to xLights)

    So I've been using LOR Showtime since 2006. I've considered switching to xLights for a while, and decided this year I would do it. But now I'm having second thoughts. I'm really on the fence here...

    First some background about my display: Around 20,000 lights, almost all LED, on close to 200 conventional channels. Props include a whole forest of artificial and tomato-cage trees, lights in bushes, along the eaves, and other spots. Also, lots of disco balls, strobes, lasers, projectors, dumb RGB, and other weird lights.
    I have about 2000 pixels. I love them, and plan to keep adding more, but the 'traditional' lights are the main part of the display and still my favorites. Pixels will not likely ever become the dominant part of my display. My pixels are in lines-- along the roof and the fence. I do not [yet] have a mega-tree, matrix or grid, or coro props with pixels.
    The music is kid's stuff early evening, traditional stuff mid-evening, and rock/techno later.

    xLights, by it's underlying nature, does not seem well suited to "AC" lights, including multi-color and non-RGB. And most of the pixel effects are oriented towards grids and matrices, not simple lines. The pixel effects are amazing though, and I may very well add a mega-tree, matrix, and/or coro props in the future. So it kinda comes down to these 3 questions:
    1. How good is xLights really for "AC" lights? Am I missing something?
    2. How does LOR Showtime's v5 Pixel Editor really compare to xLights & Nutcracker? How about modeling and previews? I've tinkered with both, but not enough with either to make a real judgement call.
    3. I know there are some people who use both. How hard is it to switch back and forth and combine sequences?

    All questions, comments, and advice, either way, is welcomed!

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    Default Re: To Switch, or Not to Switch, That is the Question? (LOR --> to xLights)



    I personally use Xlights as I liked their thought process better, but tons of folks use V3. Last year I had approx 256 Channels of Renard and several pixel props, any new props I add to my display are now pixel based. I have my house, doors, and windows outlined in LED Super Strings and also have two 12 channels multicolor LED Mega Trees. So I am in a similar situation to you.

    I had started in 2012 with Vixen 2 and have grown my show annually. What I have found is as the sequences that I did orginally in V2 and imported to Xlights are getting trickier to update every year. This year my hope is to start resequencing some of my oldest songs to be fully Xlights.
    2012 - 1st year 64 Channels - 7500 LED lights - 5 sequences
    2013 - 128 Channels - 10,000 LED lights - 7 sequences (2 New)
    2014 - 201 Channels - upgrading 8 Arches to dumb RGB - 8+ sequences (1+ New)
    2015 - 240 Channels + 8 Universes - sequences TBD
    2016 - No Display
    2017 - Back in the Game - 240 Renard Channels + 12 Universes
    2018 - 256 Renard and 9 Falcon Outputs of Pixels - 16 sequences shown over 2 nights

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    Default Re: To Switch, or Not to Switch, That is the Question? (LOR --> to xLights)

    I'll admit have a bias. But you should consider V3 as well. I think you will find that has a workflow that works very well for traditional string lights, as well as for pixels. I think (my opinion) that it's a better blend of the two methodologies.

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    Default Re: To Switch, or Not to Switch, That is the Question? (LOR --> to xLights)

    If you are asking then it is time to change.

    I am Vixen user, and looked at xLights.....I back to Vixen and will stay here.
    Either one work, but experience them both yourself. Don't let others influence you on their experiences. Let those shares be point to look at, but what works for them, may not be right for you.
    In Lights Therapy

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    Default Re: To Switch, or Not to Switch, That is the Question? (LOR --> to xLights)

    I switched to Xlights.
    I had 192 channels of LOR and had 3 people help me to get both Pixels and LOR to work together with no luck. Running LOR through Xlights didn't work for me so this year I am running Xlights.
    I had 192 LOR channels and over 80,000 pixel channels which I plan to replace LOR led props with Xlights Pixels props.
    I am selling my LOR boxes and buying more Pixels.
    The best to you which ever way you go.

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