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Thread: HD show home app lights ....a little info

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    Default HD show home app lights ....a little info

    Since there's a snow storm on the way ,decided to play with some HD show home lights . Had a bad string laying around from this years display.

    Not sure if this has been posted or not here goes.

    These are the HD show home app lights . ( Had to buy em' ...was sold on the idea of pixels light strings with there own independent power supply ...... the Bluetooth label had me hook line and sinker ).

    I'm fooling around with the C6 strings.
    Meh, nice lights but buy them off season or on sale , babies are pricey.

    Had one bad string and it's giving it's ghost for the good .

    Here's what was found.
    Everything looks normal . The pixels are a 3 pin device , marked VCC , D0 , GND. (8 pin chip and 4 pin LED in the molded base = pixel)

    The D0 ( data ) is passed from one pixel to the next as we would expect .

    NOW , lean forward , get to the edge of your chair and take a sip of beer.

    Unraveled the wires to sort the AC from the data and DC. What a nightmare. The power routing to the pixel chips is not in parallel as we would expect.......... it's in series . The vcc of the first pixel is connected to the gnd of the next pixel and so on to the end. Haven't measured any voltages, not yet .Was a taken aback when I saw the power supply . 4 diodes in a bridge rectifier configuration off the main AC line ( what could go wrong). SO YEAH it's the sum of the drops hokey can you get. Let's see, 120V divided by 24 = 5 ......across each pixel. The math is right , I know what 120 VAC feels like, I can't imagine getting hit with 120VDC. Don't get me wrong it's all going up next year. Just have to come up with a safe way to inject data into the sting without burning up a controller .

    This has been manufactured in the cheapest way possible. Seriously doubt these strings can be used as is with existing controllers ( alphapix,falcon; not without some string adjustment)


    There are no numbers on the pixel chip . Will investigate that next. Have to isolate a few pixels to connect to a controller for testing . By isolate I mean set my beer down and whittle away at plastic.

    Yeah I believe these can be modified. There may be some soldering involved . Going to chop off the power supply (bluetooth) and see if I can salvage the pixels.

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    Default Re: HD show home app lights ....a little info

    Interesting, thanks for the breakdown.

    I had been eyeballing then when they were 50% off, but even at that price they were too steep considering they had so few pixels.

    Interested to see what you find out once you are done with your beer .

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    Default Re: HD show home app lights ....a little info

    Nice... I will keep up with this thread. I bought 3 sets of the Trees and 3 sets of the snowflakes when they were 75% off at Home Depot (think they were $12.50 each). Would never have paid $49.99 for them. I figured I could at a minimum tear them apart and split (unscrew) the plastic molds and double the molds, then attach my own pixels. They are made for outdoors so they can hold up to weathering. If there is anything I could modify out of the box to make them work with a Falcon controller, then that would make them even better. Haven't had a chance to look at them since the purchase.


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