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Thread: Renard to H-Bridge Dowser

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    Default Renard to H-Bridge Dowser

    I am adding a projector this year and I am building a projector dowser to black it out completely. I have read the post from Ricky (JRD) here (, however, I am running into a problem finding a 100% functional CD ROM drive in my price range (free-to-very cheap).

    I was able to find one, but someone let the magic smoke out of it. However, the 5VDC tray motor was still functional! That got me to thinking about a simple H-Bridge using NPN/PNP transistors, which would operate directly off a Ren64 (or similar) port.

    It has been years since I have worked on transistor based circuit design and would like someone to look at what I have so far (see attached image).

    Although I could not find the actual voltage, I am assuming the output voltage from the PIC (RA/RC) is less than 6VDC.

    The NPN would be a Mouser 583-2N5551-T or similar, with a VEBO of 6V. If I am reading the datasheet right, this would eliminate the need for a base resistor. The PNP would be Mouser 833-PN2907A-AP or similar, also without the need for a base resistor.

    Thank you for your help.

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