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Thread: Moving to new house... means new show!

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    Default Moving to new house... means new show!

    With some sadness, we are moving to a new house end of March.
    All the set up from the past show came down and is going to the new house.
    NOTW Lights original show house - single story, single car garage:
    Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 4.13.54 PM.png

    BUT SUPER EXCITED to make it all work again on the new house!!!
    I got 2 stories now and several pitched rows to work with!
    Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 4.10.38 PM.png

    Any advice on those clay tile roof shingles? Everything I'm reading up on them says "Don't Walk on Them!!!"

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    Default Re: Moving to new house... means new show!

    Most likely the roof is a species of concrete. Most tract construction in the Southwest uses concrete roof tiles that are painted or dyed different colors. Terra cotta is too expensive for tract builders and there’s a lot of waste. Even the million dollar homes in my area use concrete over terra cotta. Look on the underside of the roof tiles. You’ll probably see that it’s gray.

    You can usually walk on the “valleys”; you just have to be careful. You should be able to use a ladder for a lot of it.

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    Default Re: Moving to new house... means new show!

    I just went through this. I had quite a few issues with my 2018 display as a result of being at the new house. GFCIs tripping way more than they should, ext cords being damaged from the move, and just massive headaches from a complete rebuild.

    As far as the roof, I dont personally walk on mine. I use a ladder and go around the edges. Ive never felt super comfortable on a 2 story roof, so I try to avoid it.
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