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Thread: Need help on Layout

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    Default Need help on Layout

    I am attaching the layout I think I want to go with for Next year. I am planning on running 12v pixels. It would be about 1900 pixels in total. I currently have a PiCap and was thinking about driving the Tree and Cross with it. I dont think the piCap could run the full layout. Thoughts?? Would a Falcon 16v3 be enough to run the rest of it? Where would be the best placement for the controller. I also realize I would need power injection as well. Where would be the best points for that?
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    Default Re: Need help on Layout

    You could run it all from the falcon...for the arches you'd probably have to run and F-Amp or 2 to get the data to run that far...but it's doable!

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    Default Re: Need help on Layout

    I see 4 sections: Garage w/rooflines and window; Entry with cross, tree and roofline; Wreath with roofline; and Arches.
    Garage could be powered by a PS inside the window in the gable. Use low voltage landscape wire out the window to the elements. Assuming double window, you can carefully pinch the wires between the window frames without a huge air leak.
    Entry: Mount a PS on your "saddle" to power the cross, roofline and maybe tree. Saddle would be a central place to mount Falcon but it would be inconvenient for maintenance.
    I think Wreath and roofline could be powered from the ground with heavy landscape wire.
    Arches get their own PS.

    The Falcon is incredibly powerful and can easily handle 2000 pixels but if it goes bad, so does most of your show and it's more expensive to replace.
    I do not know how much a PiCap can drive but you may want to consider 4 small controllers instead of 1 small and 1 big.
    You also may consider small cheap wifi enabled controllers and a good wireless access point. 6-8 (including spares) ESPixelStick based controllers is about $160 and a good WAP is another $50.


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