I bought this FM Transmitter that says it is 7W which it probably isn't. It still should work since 7W is wayyy too much for what I need. It was $25 on eBay and I saw it had good enough reviews. I bought it mostly because I wanted to build a transmitter myself that's pretty cheap. So far my $5 transmitter from Five Below works 5 times the range though still not good enough for my need. I need it to go from my pi in the house to the street which is about 40-50 feet for cars to listen to.

I did try it outdoors for less interference. Still was a very short distance. The antenna you see, is 50ohms which is what they said is recommended. It's taking in 12v on a 3A power supply. It needs about 2 to function. It has a trimmer but it seem to do nothing.

So what is going wrong? It sounds great but just does not even go 1 foot...