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Thread: Mr. Christmas Lite-Write Laser Show - Programming?

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    Default Mr. Christmas Lite-Write Laser Show - Programming?

    First of all, I'm new here and if this doesn't belong in this forum, please let me know. There wasn't a place for laser shows that I saw, so I'm putting it here.

    I'm thinking of purchasing a Mr. Christmas Programmable Lite-Write Laser Show for next year's display. Do people have strong feelings about this device, good or bad?

    I want something that I can program a custom message into, and this seems to be able to deliver on that. However, it seems like it resets itself every time it powers off. Does anyone have a hack so that I wouldn't need to reprogram it every night? Or do you just keep it running 24/7?


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    Default Re: Mr. Christmas Lite-Write Laser Show - Programming?

    Iíve never had one, but they look really cool in real life. Thatís all I have to add here.


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