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Thread: Newbe 2019 display plans questions

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    Default Newbe 2019 display plans questions

    Hello all,

    So here are my plans for my christmas display 2019.

    Year 1 - house and window outline . 8 - 33 ft sections 400 or 800 nodes depending on c6 or squares - can I connect them in series on one home run circuit to controller? I would use a T and 2 - 20ft extensions.

    * snow flakes 4 x 24in - 1 circuit 440 nodes

    * singing displays- 3 at 200 nodes each 1 circuit

    * 1 falcon 16 circuit controller with 2 x 12vdc 380w power supplies.

    * raspberry pi CPU not sure what software to use.

    YEAR 2

    * mega tree

    * arches

    YEAR 3

    * candy canes

    * 4 mini trees 4 ft tall.

    I know it's ambitious but that's my plan. Any advice or suggestions on circuiting.

    Will the falcon controller handle all this. Thanks for you input.

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    Default Re: Newbe 2019 display plans questions

    You can probably get away with connecting them in series if you don't go over the max output for each. For the raspberry pi, you can use FPP (Falcon Pi Player) as the software. It's great and cuts down on needing a big computer or laptop. It makes your show wireless basically so you can control it anywhere from any device you have. I don't know much about the Falcon controllers but I do know the F16v3 can have 1024 pixels in each output. Remember you will need power injection for your pixels or else they will start to flicker or become some other color.


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