While contemplating a tutorial on my servo animation build it occured to me that I should walk a newer path.
The idea is to have a singing/talking prop comprised of either incan/led/rgb/ or pixel strings/strips & to have it easily sequenced in your sequencer of choice.

This prop should be a very simple build so any Diy member can assemble it and achieve
a natural look to a talking/singing face with limited resources required .

I am thinking e131 or triggered serial for ease of coding .
Inexpensive materials to mount lights , servos & required (moving parts << yet to be designed).

Unless i have missed this as an already accomplished design >>

All interested members please add your input/comments etc as this will be a design for this community and hopefully by this community .

Thanks for reading and look forward to your thoughts in development .

Ps . I would like to have a concept built for this year as I do not have any singing faces
plus this may be all I get out for this year :: else dark .