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Thread: Superstrings for mega tree

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    Default Superstrings for mega tree

    So I think I will be changing my mega tree I have just used muilti color lights. I want to do red,green,and white and maybe had a spiral too. So if I get a strand of red,green and white lights and zip tie them together for my superstring do you guys use cable on each superstrings to support the weight of the lights for the spiral strings

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    I built a Spiral/Hybrid Megatree. I have 16 strings each of red, green and blue zip tied into a superstring. They are zip tied
    in a spiral around 16 steel cables that support them. On each of the steel cables I have a string of white lights that run vertical.
    It gives a neat effect when it rotates and many people have complemented me on it. I converted it to LED last year and that made
    a big difference from the Incans. People can't believe it when I tell them there are 6400 bulbs on the tree. I store the strings on the
    pole (15 feet) by letting the strings and support cables hang loosely while the pole is being held up by four heavier support cables.
    I start as high as I can reach and "wrap" the light strings, cables, etc with a plastic that resembles saran wrap. It comes in rolls that are
    about 6 inches wide. I wrap it tight then lower the tree and finish wrapping the top portion. It really makes it easier to store as well as
    protecting the strings and bulbs. When I set up the tree, I just stand it up and secure the pole with the support cables and anchors, then
    carefully cut the plastic wrap off and spread the light strings out and attach them at the base.
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    Default Re: Superstrings for mega tree

    I’m still working on tear down and started using stretch wrap this year. It works good for garland and pixel strips too. I considered wrapping my entire mega tree but was worried it would be unwieldy. I might give it a try next year. You can buy stretch wrap at Wal Mart where they have mailing supplies. I’m sure places like Office Depot, Staples and shipping centers would also have it.


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