View Poll Results: What is an acceptable defect rate for new pixels, and an acceptable level of support?

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  • 100% correct on delivery regardless of quantity

    8 17.39%
  • some small (e.g. 0.05%) defect rate - I'll eat the replacement cost

    33 71.74%
  • I expect any defective pixel to be replaced

    3 6.52%
  • I expect any strand with even one defective pixel to be entirely replaced

    6 13.04%
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Thread: What do you expect from pixel vendors?

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    Default What do you expect from pixel vendors?

    When purchasing pixel strands/strings from a vendor or manufacturer, what are your expectations regarding quality and reliability? Do you expect them all to function properly when first used? How about in the first week, or month? If there is a problem, what do you expect from the vendor? If one pixel from a strand is bad upon receipt, or within a week, would you expect a replacement strand, or just a pixel(s) that you would splice in yourself as a repair?

    The answer may be different based on the number of pixels purchased, or not. For example, if purchasing a few strands of 50 pixels, 100% functional may be expected (or not) - but if 5,000 or 10,000 pixels arrived, would 0.05% failure rate be acceptable?

    I ask this to gauge the current prevailing expectations that vendors are, or should be (if they wish to remain in business) meeting in this segment. There is an intersection (that moves over time) of customer expectations and what vendors and their competitors will provide. What is OK today may not be tomorrow, as the market segment matures, customer expectations increase, and/or competition steps up to raise the bar for the industry (vendors).

    I purchased thousands of pixels this year directly from China, and am looking for real data on what others have experienced and/or expected. I did not receive 100% functional pixels at delivery (and several "infant mortality" failures in the first few hours) despite a claim of 100% burn-in before shipping.
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