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    When you built your display this past season, did you have to run to the store to pick up another extension cord or two? Or did you have to buy another bag of zip ties or some duct tape? Or maybe you bought a few 10' long sections of PVC pipe to make a new display, and so you also picked up a couple cans of black spray paint to hide the PVC pipe, too. Did you maybe order a big spool of SPT wire and some pirate plugs this year? Or when you were walking through the Christmas light area at your local Home Depot or Lowe's, did you happen to toss an extra box of lights or a couple tree ornaments into your cart?

    You see, the thing is, we don't think twice about picking up an extra little thing here and there to enhance our shows or add something new.... after all, it's only maybe $15-$20, right?. It's no biggie.

    Maybe you might consider that this forum and your fellow members provide you with ideas, assistance, and sometimes extensive technical help in many ways to help you make your show successful and the talk of the neighborhood. The forum has value, too -- at least as much as a bag of zip ties, or a bundle of PVC pipes, or a new extension cord, or another roll of duct tape, don't you think? After all, this "free" forum has operating expenses, too.

    If you think the forum is a good thing, maybe you would also consider supporting it by choosing a paid subscription plan. Click "SETTINGS" to get to your personal settings page, then scroll down on the left side to "Paid Subscriptions." Supporting your local big box store by purchasing products is the only way they'll stay open. Same goes for forums such as this one.

    Go ahead. Take the plunge. It's only $15-$20.
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    The DIGWDF Store has closed. Thanks to everyone who supported us through the nearly seven years we were open!
    The store will remain open for downloading documentation and other files, including Gerbers and DipTrace design files.

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