I was curious about what the people on here use to protect the EspixelSticks during their shows? I currently have 5 on hand (pre-ordering my lights for a 2019 display). I thought I could buy my lights in June/July last year so I had all my stuff except the lights but then quickly found out that I had to pre-order early in the year for that many lights that was my fault for assuming I could do that. Anyways now that I have a plan in place how are the people using ESPixelSticks for their display protecting these from the elements? I live in Indiana and the weather can be wet or dry we don't know until we wake up what is going to happen that day. I tried to do a search in the forum here and the only option I seen was a guy put them into a Snapple bottle. Looking for efficient options that will work well, wasn't sure about certain materials affecting the WiFi signals. I am using an Loco NanoStation M2 AP to provide my signal to the front of the house. I would say that from my house to the road is 25-30'.