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Thread: Which profile is better?

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    Default Which profile is better?

    I built a 37-Foot mega tree in 2008 (the only year I displayed) that was 360 degree. Now that Iím considering getting back into this, Iím hearing that 360 degree mega trees donít make sense. SO whatís re the majority of people using - 180, 270 or 360 degree trees?


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    In my opinion, it is best determined by the angle that folks will be viewing the tree from. First year for my 30' MT. My tree sits back from the highway about 200' so anymore than 180 degree tree was going to be a waste of lights. If I had a corner lot (say a side street and a highway) I would consider something more than 180 degrees.

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    Viewing angle, content you plan to use, and method that you plan on mounting the pixels are all variables that should be considered.

    Viewing angle is pretty much self-explanatory. Where can people see your tree from? A 180 tree may not be enough if they can see both sides as they move through your area. In our case, sitting 30 feet from the road, a 270 degree tree seems to be the best.

    Your mounting method plays a part in the fact that some mounting methods can see "through" the tree and the pixels from the back can be seen from the front (or side to side). We have a 30 foot mega tree sitting on a peninsula in the middle of our park's lake. People can see it from all 360 degrees. We zip tied the pixels to 1/16" cables. Though we only have 16 strings (this year), it looks impressive from all angles because all 16 strings can be seen from all angles.

    With our shorter trees (12 to 22 feet tall), we used Boscoyo Strips. Most of them are the black variety. With these, we cannot see (well) anything but the lights on the face of the strip. Nothing, or very little, is seen by strips on the "back side", therefore we do not populate the back 90 degrees.

    Content comes into play when you can see through the trees. Images, text, etc., sometimes becomes un-readable/un-see-able because the images/text on the backside interferes with what is being presented on the front sides. Patterns sometimes actually benefit from being able to see the back strings, but not as often as you may think.

    All in all, it is a matter of personal taste.

    Good luck.
    Live, Laugh, Love.


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