As others have noted, many of the hockey puck SSRs sold out of china are the worst of fake name brand products.
I actually cruze ebay and buy Crydom SSRs which can cost upwards of $50 from Grainger and Mouser.
Many of these are pulls from industrial equipment and many or may not be used.
But, I get them for $15 or so.
I do know they were built right and will most likely outlast any chinese clone even if they are used.
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This is now clearly not a freak occurrence but rather a design flaw. My spare SSR died yesterday during testing after pixel replacement. I now suspect the culprit is power supply inrush current. I have used these SSRs rated at 25A for a previous design which used 4 Meanwell supplies (inrush spec: 20A each). This year I have a totally different design which uses 8 Meanwell supplies (inrush spec: 60A) - and thus much higher turn-on current. I will try using a different SSR rated at 50A continuous, but even that is well below the 480A max inrush per the specs. BTW, I will be sure to use a zero-cross SSR to reduce the initial current.

Has anyone else used hockey puck SSRs to turn on banks of switching supplies, and if so, what configuration (supplies and SSR rating)?