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Thread: Replacing Incan's on older wireframes

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    Default Replacing Incan's on older wireframes

    I am getting ready for my last season of decorating. I have several wireframes that still have incan minis. I want to replace some of the worn and blown bulbs before I get ready to sell after the season. I have tons of bulbs that I saved from bad strings over the years. Problem is, when I change out the bulb (remove from old socket and put in socket for wireframe string) the bulb blows. What do I need to know about my bulbs so I can get appropriate replacements??
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    Default Re: Replacing Incan's on older wireframes

    The bulbs must use the same voltage or they will blow or be brighter or dimmer.

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    Default Re: Replacing Incan's on older wireframes

    Common string sizes are 15 / 30 / 50.
    Putting a bulb from a 50 into a 15 / 30 will burn it out.
    Putting a bulb from a 15 into a 50 will cause it to burn dim.
    100 strings are actually 2 x 50.

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