Hi There,

My partner set up xmas lights using vixen 2 years ago, he has them sequenced to christmas music.
He very sadly passed away from a brain tumour on 30th November this year, and i am desperate to get these lights working for him.
We have managed to put the lights up and the control board, but we don't really know how to get them working it is just a guessing
game for us.
The weekend they came on late at night for 2 days running, and stayed on into the night.
The past 2 days they have been coming on of a morning and stopping on for a good 5 hours or so, but obviously i want them to come
on at night when we can enjoy them, i am not too worried about the music bit just want the lights on.

I know how to set the show times on vixen and they are playing on the vixen display on pc but not relaying to the board with the raspberry pi
on it. So somewhere i am doing something wrong.

I remember last year me unplugging the board so i could use the plug socket for the vaccuum, and wen it came to show time the lights never
came on, he had to do something on pc to get them on again, so that must throw the timings out somehow.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.