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Thread: XBEE & renard together.

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    Default XBEE & renard together.

    So I've had this idea I've been kicking around for a while and I finally proto'd it. Tell me what you think!!!

    I have 4 XBEE 3.0s running in digimesh mode @57k baud.

    1. Connected to falcon pi player transmitting 64 bytes of renard dimmer levels @ 50ms intervals.
    2. Connected to standard renard SS16 running ports 0-15
    3. Connected to homemade controller running ports 16-17
    4. Connected to serial port just to add overhead traffic (future growth not doing anything really just on digi network).

    The customer controller is basically a customized renard receiver that grabs the packet and understands to drop the first 16 bytes and use the 16-17 for its input. In this way I can transmit 64 bytes of renard payload data and have multiple controllers snoop that data and receive it and act on it. The nice thing here is that no renard nodes need to retransmit any packet data... so that downstream lag goes away (just a slight unnoticeable lag for wireless instead).

    In my testing I used the setup above and I'm seeing about 1% packet loss. This is pretty acceptable since most watchers are not likely to notice that 50ms sync issue before it gets the next packet.

    Each of the custom controllers I'm running right now cost about $60-70 in hardware. That includes:

    1. PSOC 4 Pioneer kit (had it laying around and I like it better than Arduino)
    2. Relay shield dimming would be possible if you had SSRs instead.
    3. your choice of xbee, I chose

    This let me place one master device with multiple slaves out there... interested on your thoughts and how useful something like this might be to your setup...

    I liked this because the controllers don't have to be data wired... and it doesn't matter what order you run a cable they remember their settings thru power cycles and loss.

    If their is enough interest I might consider posting my code up to github for use/viewing.

    I know this is old AC tech... but some items still need simple AC turned on and off!

    Part of wanting to do this was adding control to devices that I have inside my house as well as possibly across the street. Now my renard data can go thru walls and cross the street without looking LOL!

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