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Thread: Introduction to powering LED pixel projects

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    Default Introduction to powering LED pixel projects

    I've been working with pixel LEDs for a few years now, with each project getting a little bigger, a little more complicated, and a little more power hungry each time. There have been many power-related lessons that I've learned along the way, yet I find there's a lot of the same basic questions about how to power things that are asked regularly.

    Soooo I thought I'd put it all into a document and share it with the world. This Google Doc is open for comments (bonus points if someone wants to make that multiple power supply hookup diagram!)...

    Do you fine folks think this would be a good addition to the wiki too? If so, how might I go about getting a login for it?

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    Default Re: Introduction to powering LED pixel projects

    Thank you so much for this! I'm working on a large scale led installation and this really helps. Your real world numbers (like 45 mA as a real world max as opposed to 60mA) really helped me be more realistic in my planning.


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