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Thread: P10 Tune To Sign (2X2)

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    Quote Originally Posted by TazChaLet View Post
    I use vixen for my p10 panels mine is double sided 2 panels on each side I have the matrix pihat from Crocketts on the pi running fpp

    I have a few questions now that I have this hooked up on the bench.

    1. Do you use Vixen to sequence the P10's?
    2. Did you set it up as a 2X2 or 4X1? Canispater Christmas does 4X1 for his sign. I did mine 2X2 and it wasn't working right. After I set it up as 4X1 in FPP it worked better but I am still not getting my border and text quite right. I think that is because of how I set up my elements in Vixen. I didn't even have it right for a 2X2. I had 30 rows and 64 columns. It should have been 32 rows.
    3. I'm not sure now for a 2 sided sign if you set up both sides in Vixen or just one side. I really want each side 1X2 horizontal. When I set up the 4X1 and get the arrows right in FPP I get two separate signs. But what about for Vixen previewing?
    4. What font did you use for your text in Vixen?
    5. How long is your text effect duration? My text is very hard to read and scrolls way too fast. My text effect was 10 seconds in duration which looks from the video to be the same as yours.

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    Default Re: P10 Tune To Sign (2X2)

    I set my Text effect to run the entire length of the song, then set the repeat to a value (8 or 9 I think) that was comfortable to read as it scrolled.

    I am not sure if it would be better to setup 2 separate elements in Vixen, one for each side, or just one and the effect would just transition to the other side as it scrolls. W the 2 separate it would be easier for the boarder, but if you are making groups just for the boarder it may not matter

    Think I just use Ariel for my font, tried a couple of the "fancier" ones but because of the resolution of the P10s just did not look good

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