The seems to be a bug in the Image Maps editor. An example. I have a Image mapping that is 12 * 12 pixels (144 pixels all in all). The bottom row seems to be moved one row up. So the bottom row of the image is shown on row 2 (looking from bottom and up) and so on (first line in y axsis). This means that the top row of the image itselves is not shown. In the preview I can see that it only show 11 of the 12 rows. So I tested my mapping both with text effect and level effect and here it works fine. So my mapping of the element I believe is correct.

I tried to experiement with the y offset in the effect editor on the lipsync configuration. Trying to go both up and down it just seems as not possible to fill out the 1 row on the y axsis. Could there not be a bug here. I have the same issues with other images just in larger scale.