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Thread: Hard lesson learned

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    Default Hard lesson learned

    I tried everything I know and could not get my show to run correctly this year off my pi and FPP. I could use the test mode of FPP and all universes check out correctly by controller and as a full group. I can run my sequence from the player in Vixen 3 with no issues. When I play the sequence through FPP it does not light up the effects correctly or misses parts of the effect.

    At first It appeared to be a miss match between the universe and channels from Vixen and how I have the output channels set up in FPP.

    Took me hours of frustration to figure out the errors of my ways.
    This year I added a new megatree and was testing it with a controller I had been using before. I added the new universes I would need and all was great.

    Here comes the hook.

    Since it was all happy I left that controller and added a new one and loaded it with the old universe numbers. All was great with Vixen and it worked fine.

    Added 25 universes to the output page of FPP in straight sequence 1 - 25 and was good about changing the channel counts where needed.

    Exported my sequences and saw garbage out.

    Long story short I had my Vixen controllers installed with the universes out of sequence1,2,3,4,5,6,7, the the next controller 11,12..18 the next controller had 19 - 25. Then I installed the new controller to the list and it had 8 - 10

    For you smart folks you will see the problem I could not

    There was a mis-match of output channel numbers between what Vixen was sending and where FPP was playing them.

    After hours of frustration I finally noticed that in FPP I needed to install the universe is in the same order that vixen was out putting them to the pi file

    Learning is hard

    Here is what it looked like before I learned my lesson about export files being channel driven and not universe driven

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    Default Re: Hard lesson learned

    Thanks for sharing this !


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