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Thread: Where do I start?

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    Default Where do I start?

    I have run a small show previously with a couple of SS24ís. Those stayed with my ex wife when we divorced several years back, Iím remarried and my wife wants me to build a new show NEXT, Iím not 😜

    I want to go full pixels but I donít even know where to start...what controller? How do you do power injection? Wireless or wired?

    Probably going to door the roofline, garage door, front windows, 4-5 arches along sidewalk, 2 10-15 ft mega trees, 5-10 mini trees.

    Where is the best place to go to start from scratch and learn all about pixels and controllers?

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    Default Re: Where do I start?

    You have decided you want to run pixels.
    Now decide on a layout and where you want the hang the pixels. Once your layout is done then you can start to sequence in the off season without spending a dime.

    You will need to choose which software you are going to use to do the sequencing. There are a few different choices. I would suggest downloading them all and trying them out. See which one feels the best.

    During the same time you can figure out how many pixels you need and of which types to fit your layout. You will also need to choose 12v or 5v pixels. You can intermingle them if you choose to.

    Then you can select which controllers you want to use. Then comes power supplies and wiring. Once you figure out how your power supplies and controllers will fit into your display you can figure out how you will do any power injection, if needed.

    Then you can start building props if needed.

    Start testing things early. I think the part most people have difficulty with is getting the controllers setup properly to match the software programming. Thing don't usually work out the first time and if you wait until the very end to test then you may go into panic mode.

    Once all that is finished then setup the display and watch in amazement as other come to enjoy all your hard work.

    The above is a loose outline. But you should get the overall feel of how it will go. Feel free to move the steps around as I only gave some suggestions, not hard fast rules.

    Oh, and welcome back.
    Brian, your friendly site Admin.

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