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Thread: In Need of Grinch Chips ASAP!!!

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    Default In Need of Grinch Chips ASAP!!!

    Hello all, my Grinch has been dying (the ICs in the Grinch) over the last couple of years and I think its finally on its way out. The channels are mostly on time however some randomly bleed over to other channels etc. I really need at least 4 of the Allegro A6279EA-T or the MBI5027-GN chips to get it back up and running. Any one that can part with a few of these rather hard to find chips would be much appreciated. I can pay whatever you think is fair. I live near Dallas Tx.

    Thanks a bunch!!!

    The Gooch
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    Default Re: In Need of Grinch Chips ASAP!!!

    PM me your address and I will send you some.
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