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Thread: Ws2811 12v and 5v pcbs for ?

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    Default Ws2811 12v and 5v pcbs for ?

    I have purchased a few of these to experiment with and am curious
    what others are using them for other than driving a single rgb led .

    Would these work as a on/off for a relay or multiple relays ?
    Could one of these be used to control a significant amount of dumb
    rgb strip ?

    What are the limits or precautions to using these boards paired with an esp for larger tasks than a single rgb led .

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    Default Re: Ws2811 12v and 5v pcbs for ?

    Hi, I’m using them this year with an opto coupler and triac to switch (no dimming) 10W LEDs used as strobes. They can be added any to existing WS2811/12 string and saves running another data line and concerns with null pixels or amps.


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