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    Default Separate network router

    Here it's the beginning of the 2018 season and I'm already thinking about 2019. Currently my show runs off 2 Pi's, one the main show and the other P10 panel. I have 2-682's, 2-6804's and 4 Renard SS. I run my show off my Google Fiber network and I was thinking about dedicating a router just for the show. Any recommendations as to which router would best suit my needs? I don't use WIFI in my show because everything is hard wired and I plan on sticking with that. WIFI would only be needed to connect to FPP to my tablet.

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    Default Re: Separate network router

    I run a separate LAN for my display.
    My home network is setup with a Ubiquity EdgeRouter X and a couple wireless Access Points.
    My dispay network utilizes an older TP Link wifi router that is flashed with DD-WRT and is all hard wired, no wifi utilized. The wifi is there if I need it for access only.

    Home network subnet is 192.168.55.x
    Display network subnet is 192.168.3.x
    The two networks are physically separate. The only connection between them is a cat5 from the TP Link router to the Ubiquity router.
    When I setup the Ubiquity router I set it up with the WAN - 2LAN2 wizard. The wizard configured the static router between the 2 LANs.
    I can access the display network from my home network. The display network can access the internet. But the display data does not clog up my home network.

    Long story short, Most routers should be able to be configured for what you are looking to do. It can get a little complicated for the home user if you are looking to be able to access your display network seemlessly from your home network.

    One option is just to use any wifi router for the display and just connect to the display wifi when needed. A lot simpler but not as convenient.

    In the past I had 2 standard wifi routers, both running DD-WRT and the manually route was a PIA to figure out and get right. But once setup it works great.
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