My neighbors mega tree has some problems. Most of the strings works fine. There are a few that work perfectly when plugged into an extension cord but when plugged into the Renard Ss24, they will blow a fuse or possibly a triac. I feel like it is a spot on the wires where they are zip tied to the steel support cables. Most likely, the cable has worn through the insulation and is shorting the string. He unplugged all of the controller power leads before marking which strings are bad. I donít want to plug them back in and blow more triacs. If I took an old stackable plug from an old set of incans and cut the leads right up to the plug and then inserted it between the light string and the controller, would it possibly blow the fuses in the plug before the triacs? Also, is there any circuitry (resistor, diode, cap) that could be wired across the stackable plug to help stop the problem of grounding? Any suggestions ?