Sadly now, I am in the position that I have to sell my house and probably won't be doing a display anymore due to health issues and not really knowing what is going to happen in the coming future.

I have around 160 blow molds now (some are even still in the original bags!). Most all of them are in good to excellent condition as I have always strived to take care of them.

My biggest problem is "Where can I go look up some of these and see what they might be worth?". I don't want to give them away but I am also not going to try and charge an arm and a leg for them. I have a lot of the same type (ie, I have 25 of the TPI trumpet angels with 4 of each color), 16 of the drummer boy, and so on. I just want to be fair to buyers as well as to myself as the sale of my display is going to be my retirement at this point!

Thanks for any help you can give or point me in the right direction. I won't be ready to sell any till later on in the spring as I am in the process of moving my things out of the house now and doing the sale of it first.

After I get "moved" in the spring I will have a lot of DIY stuff for sale as well. I will post them when things slow down and I can find all the stuff and have it ready to sell. This is just my beginning of selling off a lot of Christmas oriented items.