Hi All,

I am fairly new to the forum but not to ESP stuff.

This Christmas I wanted to create light show and am successful with following setup

Sequences created using xLights
RPi running Falcon Player broadcasting unicast data, wired to >
Netgear AC1750/R7000 running DD-WRT, sending data over WiFi to >
9 of the ESP8266 (Wemos D1 mini Pro), sending data to >
55 meters of WS2812b

Till now the setup works pretty fine with few livable glitches.

Now I wanted to extend the lights and need to put normal LED string (off the shelf) over the flower bed and wanted to control with relay module.

For ESP module I used the firmware by penfold42 https://github.com/penfold42/ESPixelBoard which pretty much good for WS2812. I see that there is support for DMX and GPIO.

I am looking for some help on how to configure the ESPBoard to output data to relay (how to use the ESPBoard config DMX UI) and what to use to turn on/off the relays in xLights sequences.

Pardon me if this seems dumb question but everyone starts somewhere.