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Thread: My computer is not seeing my second Arduino board!

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    Default My computer is not seeing my second Arduino board!

    Howdy Folks;
    I've been lurking and reading up here for a while, finally doing my own light show this year. I'm at my wits end on this, hopefully its something easy. I made two control boards using generic Arduino Mega2560, using the "Cheapskate" video guy on YouTube. For some reason my computer (Windows 10) only sees my board on Com 6. The other board is on Com 7. When I first built them I tested the and both worked, but I tested them with only one hooked up at a time. The computer did see my board on Com 7 then. Now that I am trying to put everything together for my show, the computer isn't seeing com 7. For a while it didn't see com 6 either. I pulled up a command prompt and went into devmgmt.msc, and checked the ports. I clicked hidden devices too. When I tried to hook everything up earlier today the system showed com 6 and 7 were hidden, and not connected. I tried deleting the devices and then rebooted my computer, but it only added com 6. Any ideas? Help!

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    Default Re: My computer is not seeing my second Arduino board!

    If your not using any other comm ports on your pc. Right click My Computer, select properties, device manager, comm ports, advanced then you can change your pc to whatever comm port you wish to talk to. Even if it shows it is in use, it can be changed.

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