This year after having a modest light show, I decided to up the game with creating a Santa's Workshop storefront design. I have a portable 10' x 17' portable covered carport. This is where Santa sits in his sled as we provide free pics with Santa every year and upload them to facebook so they may download them, print them or even share them. I decided to go more serious on the photo aspect by adding a chroma color backdrop in order to provide realistic backgrounds such as snow falling in the background or actually any background provided by the recipient can be added to their photo with Santa.

I have 8-2x4s to make the store front wall then 4 sheets of coro 8x4. I am making the walls like a massive light box for each wall. so I will be including LED strips inside to give it more eye candy by all bypassers and those that choose to stop and get their free pic with Santa. The columns holding the awning is coro as well again using 8x4 sheets. I found a great deal during this past summer by home depot offering 10 - 8x4 sheets for 120 bucks delivered to your house even. I am assembling this this week. Once completed full images of this will be provided.