Hi everyone
I have followed a lot of threads on here about changing a sketch to run on different devices
unfortunately i just dont get it, i am not a programmer I can just about follow a set of instructions
and that usually takes a couple of goes before it twigs and i read it properly

I have been using the sketch from the link below for a couple of years and it works great


I also used it for a singing Skull/Skeletons


but i would like to do the same but over wifi with a esp8266 12e or similar

Dont get me wrong i have tried myself and failed every time, just too old for everthing to sink in i think, what i need is some kind person to point me in the right direction of what i need to do or where i can find a sketch that will do the same thing.

My Halloween displays now are mainly portable as in espixelsticks ws2812b running off a powerbank which lasts about 5 hours
and i would like to make my singing skeletons the same.

Thanks for taking the time to read this
any help would be appreciated