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Thread: High Voltage RGB LED COB Using MOFSETS??

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    Question High Voltage RGB LED COB Using MOFSETS??

    Im unsure of how to wire between the Arduino and the LED Chips as well as unsure as to which MOFSETS I would need. I know I need a 3 MOFSETS for each LED (One for Red, One for Blue, One for Green) but don't know what model MOFSETS I need. And if they should be P-Channel or N-Channel. First I thought N-Channel but since the RGB LED's have a common Cathode, then I would need P-Channel, right? And if P-Channel, are there any that can handle the higher voltage (24v and 35v) while using the low PWM voltage coming from the Arduino?

    If someone can send me a Fritzing diagram and also let me know what MOFSET I should use and or what resistors I need, it would be greatly appreciated. The Fritzing diagrams are preferred as I am still learning how to read/fully understand electronic schematics.

    The plan is as follows:
    -The 12v power supply would be connected to 2 DC boosters (One that boosts the 12v to 24v for the Red channel and the other that boosts the 12v to 35V for the Green and Blue channels).
    -The higher voltages would then be connected to the source pin on the respective MOFSETs.
    -Then I would have the Arduino PWM pins send the PWM signal to the MOFSET Gate allowing the desired voltage to flow to each color pin on the LED COB.
    -There will be a total of 3 100w RGB LED COBs controlled by the Arduino and the 12v power source.

    So the questions are:
    1. Does this sound correct?
    2. Which MOFSET do I need? (Part number would be awesome!)
    3. Fritzing diagram of wiring. (including wiring of ground wires) and placement of resistors if needed.

    Here are the links to what I have:


    12v Power Supply: LINK

    150W Step Up Converter: LINK

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    Default Re: High Voltage RGB LED COB Using MOFSETS??

    Just copy the design of the DC SSR you can find described on the WiKi. There are also a few vendors that sell the QUAD DC SSR. It may have an extra channel but the ease of use (just grab the SSR and go) may be worth it.

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