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    Hi everyone, Iím working on my Christmas lights and need some help with the OSC functionality.

    I have a live light show that I do and had to use 3 programs and Apple Script to get the Scheduler to run from our lighting board. I just have over 15k pixels and like how flights work so I would like to keep using it.

    I see this year OSC was added to the scheduler, and Iíve watched the video on it, but when I create events they donít work. Any help on OSC would be appreciated.

    In the OSC config it says commands should be /Timestamp/%STEPNAME% but in the video he shows creating a event with customers command. I can get one of my steps to play using the STEPNAME but all the others stop immediately. I can see in the log it just stops and starts the video right away.

    As for the events when I create a command there they do nothing.

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    So I figured the OSC and events for scheduler.

    OSC Configurations

    1. Click modes in the main menu and go to configure OSC.

    2. Under Master in Path it must be something like: /Test/%STEPNAME%

    Where I have the word Test you can change to whatever you want as long as it is at least 4 letters.

    3. Broadcast should be selected and port should be chosen. Default is 8000. Think click OK

    4. If you change anything in the OSC Config you must save and restart program.

    5. In scheduler create a playlist and put your fseq file in it.

    OSC Events

    1. Go to Edit and Events

    2. Add

    3. From the drop down select OSC

    4. In Path you should put the same thing as you put in your configuration followed by another word that is at least 4 letters long such as

    5. For Name you can also put whatever you want to name the event

    6. For Command you can choose whichever one you want such as Play Specified Playlist

    7. Depending on what you chose in Command you may need to enter parameters. For example The 1st one would be the name of a playlist and 2nd a step. Click OK, Close, and save.

    All done

    Now if you send an OSC command that matches the Path of the event it will do what you chose under commands

    Key thing is using words with more than 4 letters in your paths.

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