Update: I got my controllers a few weeks ago but with Postal strike here in Canada, I have been waiting for all my Pixel Strings and power supplies. SO much for paying for expedite 5-8 day delivery :-(

One Power supply did come in so I was working at converting some Old Disney Mick ear Pathway lights which had 1 LED on a proprietary Controller. Rigged up each Mickey with 3 Pixels and flashed the D!-min's with the ESPixelStick firmware. Works like a charm so simple. I will have to post up a video link soon on how I did the conversion.

Still need to try to get the D1-Min's to control the many Dumb RGB strips I have waiting. I seen some where experimenting with using the Pixel PCB boards and taking the output that normally would go into the RGB LED and running it to a Dumb RGB Amplifier. Basically turning your Dumb Strip into a large Pixel. This is how I am going to go, as I am also waiting on a bunch of these $3 amplifiers. Only issue I have is I can only get a hold of 5V Pixels and PCB Boards, and my Strips are 12v. Wondering if the out put on a 5v Pixel is the same on a 12v pixel, As I thought the PCB just adjust the voltage to working volts for the original Pixel RGB Bulb. If so then do you think it is possible to take a 5v Pixel PCB board the run the output to the Amplifier where it will inject its own 12v to the Dumb Strip? Would it feed back 12v and fry the 5v board, or is there some sort of protection built into the amplifiers to prevent this.?