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Thank you for the offer, but I really need to be able to program them here. I'm still building the show and don't exactly know what the addresses need to be at this time. and time is running out.

The PicKit2 programmer doesn't have the 16f688 in it's program to select from. I do not remember how I got the 16f288 in the list of device families. I don't remember if I had to do a update to get more chips recognized by the programmer. If I did, I have no idea where I got the update to down load. Like I said I have all the renard start address hex files. I don't need a program to compile with to make a hex file.
I am a bit confused. The only time you need to modify the start address is if you are using a shared media network like xbee. If you have xbee then you have had to already do a significant level of planning. If you are using a USB dongle, a pixel stic, or a bridge, you should not need to change the start address.