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Thread: Power ws2811 led strips

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    Default Power ws2811 led strips

    Have 2 ws2811 led strip spiral trees each 300 leds (100) channels. Can I power these trees in parallel off my 12v 30 amp 360 watts power supply or should I connect them in series


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    Default Re: Power ws2811 led strips

    Depends on how you are going to connect then your controller, it could be both. If you are going to daisy chain them that is serial but you would also need to inject power at the start of the 2nd strip so that is then also in parallel, If they are going to be on independent ports then in parallel. But w/o knowing the exact amperage of the LEDs on your strips, IF I use a standard .06A/LED X 600 LEDs = 36A, which would mean you need a PSU for each strip. Yes the strips may use less, and you can run at a lower intensity and maybe run off one PSU but you need to do the math to fine out.

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    Default Re: Power ws2811 led strips

    This is a basic electrical question. PARALLEL: Same voltage. SERIES: Divided voltage. If you are using 5v pixels on a 12v power supply, that is BAD JUJU. At any time, IN SERIES, the voltage could rise high enough to destroy ALL the PIXELS.

    Parallel is the only correct answer. 100 pixels = 6A at FULL WHITE. Do the math from there.

    My power supplies are Meanwell brand, a minimum of 50A each (5v, 12v and 24v) never more than 80% load and in tandem when necessary. I use central power distribution. #4 SOW wire with tap boxes to my props as needed.

    Good luck
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