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Thread: Keeping the lights on between shows

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    Cool Keeping the lights on between shows

    I spent several days and multiple sketches trying to find a solution to being able to keep my lights lit when shows are not running. Finally ran across a statement that as long as Vixen is running, Victor's Random Mode won't work because Vixen's sending a stream of zeroes. So, I looked outside the box and found a solution.

    Let me say that I'm definitely not a guru at this lighting thing. It's my first year and I'm starting with a home brew, 48 channel with ON and OFF only, generic serial controller, run with Arduino Mega 2560 and 6 SainSmart 8 channel SSR relays. I'm in over my head, so I'm beginning very humbly...

    To keep my lights on between shows, I modified Victor's Random code, by changing the options for random both to HIGH output, so ALL lights are high when inactive. I have Vixen turned off, but I utilize the Windows Task Manager to start the Vixen program about 1 minute before show time. about 15 seconds after the show ends, I use a batch file with the Windows task manager to force stop Vixen so that the controller goes back to random mode at the end of the show without interference from Vixen.

    The batch file kill command is: taskkill /F /IM VixenApplication.exe

    Much easier than trying to run a static display between shows in my opinion. Hope this solution helps others out there.

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    Default Re: Keeping the lights on between shows

    I set up a semi random show without music and have Vixen run that prior to beginning the real show or anytime that I just want lights.

    2017 - Pi3 w/FPP controlling 8 ESPixelsticks driving 1250pixels and 3 Arduino MEGAS communicating with ESP-01s driving 96 channels
    2016 - 184 channels of Blinking/Flashing using 4 Arduino MEGAs and cheap home-made props.

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