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Thread: Power injection - Is this correct

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    Default Power injection - Is this correct

    I have searched and was still unclear so I just want to confirm.

    I have an F16 controller with a power supply to both sides. 8 of those out puts run 10' to a pixel tree (no problems there). This year I am adding pixel strings further away from the controller, about 20-30 feet. I am going to run 8 lines out of the controller and power inject using an Falcon F8 Distro and Power injection T Cables.

    Here is where I am unclear, do I need to run another ground wire between the power supplies or is that handled al ready in the cable?

    Here is a drawing to hopefully clarify, I only drew one line going to the distro but it will be all 8.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Default Re: Power injection - Is this correct

    Its handled in the cable as long as you have all V- connected. Data and V- from F16V3 then V+ and V- from the second psu and distro board for injection. 30 feet you will probably need to use Cat5 for data and V- or nulls/buffers

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