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Thread: Gravity Falls Halloween Show 2018

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    Default Gravity Falls Halloween Show 2018

    Hope everyone is having a good year. Been a while since I posted. (I didnít even post last yearís Halloween show, wow). This year the kids were excited that we were doing Gravity Falls! Bill Cipher is back to take over the Mystery Shack! Every year, less and less people are out. Out of 14 houses on my block, I am officially the only one giving out candy. So sad. Well, hope you get a chuckle! (If you donít know Gravity Falls this will make zero sense, sorry)
    [URL=""]Jynx vs Pickachu 2016 Halloween show[/URL]
    [URL=""]2015 Alice in Wonderland Live Halloween Show[/URL] [URL="]"]2014 Live Halloween Show with Mechanical Maleficent Dragon[/URL] whole show: [URL=""][/URL]
    2013 New Year's Eve Sequence with Bastille/Kat Krazy/Shy KidX/Lindsey Stirling! [url][/url]
    2012 Carol of the Bells Medley with 8ftX14ft 3840 Pixel Screen [url][/url]
    [url][/url] and [url][/url] and [URL=""][/URL]

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    Default Re: Gravity Falls Halloween Show 2018

    Wonderful job!!! You easily have 14 houses worth of Halloween Spirit!! How many times did you do the show?
    Christmas 2018 Lights:
    Halloween 2018 Lights:
    2018 Behind the Scenes:

    Other shows and behind the scenes:


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