I have been searching the internet/forums to ensure I correctly run power to my lights and this is what I have gathered. I am just looking to see if anyone can confirm my plan base on the information I have found online is correct. Any input is great.

My biggest issue is that I want to put one PSU in the garage to power both the main and second level lights. The run to the second level would be about 75 feet. Now reading online going 80feet over 12V to avoid loss would need a 1 gauge wire which I would like to avoid. I would also like to avoid having to put power and a PSU up on the second level.

My Plan is to purchase a 48V, 10AMP PSU. Use 18 AWG wire to feed over the 75 feet of distance. I would have 5 sets of 50 - 12v WS2811 which should pull at max 3 amps each for a total of 15 Amps. I can inject into these in a manner where all 3 (as a couple are chained together as you can put up to 100 without injecting) get power at the same point. I would use the below step down converter to power it all five sets of lights vs having multiple step down converters. Doing the math with online calculators seem to indicate the main 75 feet run would have a voltage drop down to 36V pulling 5 Amps. Am I correct that these converts work in a manner where the 36V is reduced to 12V so the available amps would only need to be 5 Amps on the 48V (36V after drop) side?


Will this work? I would do the same with another converter on the main level as well so I can use the same power supply. There are 5 sets on the main level as well. So in total 30 AMps @ 12 Volts for both levels. Which I would assume based on what I have picked up that a 48V @ 10Amps can essentially power 40 Amps at 12V?