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Thread: purchasing pixels

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    Default purchasing pixels

    It's getting late I know, but I'm looking to purchase some 12v pixels from Ray. But the selection is starting to confuse me.

    Which pixel strings do people go with? And which of the led strips do people go with?

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    Default Re: purchasing pixels

    It's really up to your own tastes. I chose some 12v G40 pixels so I could limit my power injection. Bullet pixels, C7's, strips, etc work pretty much the same as far as the ws2811/2812 family of chips goes.

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    Default Re: purchasing pixels

    What do you want to do with them? Decide that first.

    House outline? I like bigger for roof with a little space.

    Mega tree? Bullets.

    Strips? I only use in arches.

    I like to work with 12v but 5v for compact areas are a little cheaper, easier on power, harder to power.


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