I wanted to let folks know that if you use a machine that has a high DPI monitor and it has scaling set to something higher than 100%, you could see some changes to two effects in build 720 and beyond going forward. Windows scales the fonts for the high DPI monitors and the logic in the Text and Countdown effects did not account for that. So if you move those sequences back and forth between various machines with different scaling, then you will see different results in those effects. So we have made a change that will correct that so they are always the same. However if you have a sequence done on a machine with the high DPI scaling set, you will see those text fonts in those two effects be smaller than they were before and you will need to adjust them.

I know some of you use the development builds regularly and this change will come out in the next release so hopefully you can plan if it affects you and minimize any impact. We try very hard to migrate changes we know can make impacts, but this one was one that there was not a good option to try and detect those affected and migrate it.

There will also be some other improvements to some of the remaining UI issues on high DPI machines coming in subsequent builds as we continue to work on fixing those up.