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Thread: Advertising?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormyblade View Post
    Same. I'm not upset about it, just curious what it takes to be Supporting instead of "just" a Member.
    Quote Originally Posted by StickyWicket View Post
    You likely clicked the donate link. In order to be a supporting member go to Forum Actions>General Settings>Paid Subscriptions
    That is exactly what has happened. It occurs often. Once someone send me a note indicating the mistake I correct it immediately. It is not a big deal.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dougp View Post
    If someone gives money to the site, aren't they supporting the website?
    True but on occasion people have received so much value from the site they offer to give more than 20 bucks. The Donate button allows that.

    Thank you to all that support DIYC. The site would be nothing without the contributing members, both intellectually and monetarily.
    Brian, your friendly site Admin.

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    I've been on this site for 9 years and have been a supporting member since the start. The site has been invaluble to this hobby .
    The help and information of the members is great. I've looked at other sites but the response and use of this forum is one of the best.
    I do see a lot of confusion when people are asked about membership. Maybe we could put a BIG become a member button at the top of the page?
    You kinda have to look for the supporting membership button.
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    I've been a supporting member since joining the hobby. The only time the membership lapsed is because there was no reminder/nag that the subscription was ending. I'm hoping there's an automated reminder this year. The site, the forums, the community have all been so helpful in growing the hobby.

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