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Thread: Advertising?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith R View Post
    Gil, I hope this is not the case ( and I hope I didn't take this out of context). Your comments are welcome anytime since you are one the devs for xLights, and your answers to questions are informative, humorous, and provocative.
    I look at the posts here almost daily and listen in on the Wednesday night Zoom. I don't pay for the advice here, or anywhere else. I don't pay for sequences. And I don't pay for the sequencer. We are so lucky to have a great bunch of people to lean on. I don't have a problem laying down 60.00 a year to my three favorite sites, it is a drop in the bucket compared to the time I spend building and repairing props, and sequencing.
    If you want it to be free, don't be a supporting member. That's your choice. For many of us its a small price to pay to listen, learn, and help others.
    Everything I was talking about in that paragraph was regarding all the various Facebook groups I wasn't saying I'm not participating in any forums. I try to monitor this forum primarily for xLights support but I'll browse the recent topics and chime in on other topics sometimes. I also heavily participate in the xLights forum with over 5,200 posts I believe. I try to periodically check but I admit it doesn't seem like many xLights posts so I tend to forget to check it as often. And I will periodically monitor the site. So those are all the forums I monitor as well as the Facebook group.
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    I discovered this site last year, and it was instrumental in getting me going for my first show in 2017 and preparing for this year. The members have been very generous in their advice, technical help, and sharing of equipment.

    I am embarrassed to say that I did not even think of becoming a supporting member until I saw this thread.

    I just subscribed, and I plan to resubscribe every year to help keep the site going!

    2016 - 72 Renard Channels - Roughly 4,200 Lights - 3 Sequenced Songs

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    Hoping to add Pixel Arches and Roof Llines in 2018!

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