2018.33 and 2018.34 released
Thanks Dan, Scott and Keith for the new content.

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2018.34 October 1, 2018
-- enh (dkulp) On OSX, detect if default audio device changes and move audio to new device
-- enh (dkulp) Update to newer standard dictionary
-- bug (dkulp) Loading dictionaries did not properly use utf-8. Fixes #1247
-- enh (scott) Added Start and End Time to the Lyric Dialog
-- bug (scott) Fixed Missing Nodes on Node Select Dialog
-- bug (keith) Fix row paste always pastes to top row on model
-- bug (keith) Get artnet timecode working correctly proven with TimeLord and Madrix
-- enh (keith) Add MIDI timecode support
-- bug (keith) Fix crash on right click after undoing an effect add
-- bug (keith) Fix start channel dialog does not list outputs which use ids rather than universes
-- bug (keith) Fix on effect cycles should be 0-100 not 0-1000 and value of 10 acted like 1
-- bug (keith) Fix models list export gets end channel on model groups wrong
-- bug (keith) Fix xschedule rapid restart on linux unable to listen on http port
-- bug (keith) Fix custom model background image does weird colour things when you dim it down
-- enh (keith) Add 7 pixel fonts to text effect
-- bug (keith) Allow blink for rest and off static phonemes
-- bug (keith) Fix some quirks in xschedule date handling that only show up in months with less than 31 days
2018.33 September 7, 2018
-- enh (dkulp) Bunch of performance updates for Test dialog on OSX
-- bug (keith) FPP Upload extra logging and delete any existing file before upload
-- bug (keith) Change the way we detect falcon model/version as 2.01 firmware broke it
-- bug (keith) Fix hang selecting model group on layout panel