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Thread: xLights 3D Preview Demo

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    Quote Originally Posted by keithsw1111 View Post
    The xLights numbers for model position and size dont mean anything at all. They are not mm or inches or any other dimension.

    Your obj file may well have some dimensions but everyone's model is potentially different. So xlights just scales the obj file to the size of the bounding box you import. If you want 1.0 = 1 foot then size your obj accordingly.

    As I said xLights doesn't and shouldn't care.

    X/Y is deeply entrenched in the software as the dimensions from the 2D view ... so Z has to be depth. That is the way things are.

    As for the remainder of your suggestions.

    Inherent in these comments is the assumption that because software x/y/z works that way it is how xlights must do it. At the end of the day there are lots of ways to do 3d navigation and we could almost certainly find other software that does it different ways. Some things will change over time as Gil feels they need to ... other things are the way they are and you always have the choice of moving to another sequencer that does 3d more to your liking.

    That being said there are some valid observations here and over time i expect some will get addressed ... just not necessarily aligning to your 3d software of choice.

    I think when you say 'dimension' you mean 'units'. But that's ok, I get you now.

    I did size my obj accordingly, and my issue #3 still stands - perhaps more so because it is accurately sized to real world.

    You are correct, my assumption is that new software entrants would carefully consider the design patterns of other more established players and industry leaders; design patterns that are a) intuitive, and b) tried, tested and true. Rather than arrogantly thinking that re-inventing the wheel is a good thing. That's not to say that doing it differently shouldn't be explored, however it ought to be based on a pretty compelling reason. The reason of "it is this way because it's always been this way", isn't particularly compelling to me as a seasoned Enterprise and Solutions Architect. Given that with v2019.x you undertake to 'rebuild' legacy dimensions of objects into a 3 dimensional coordinates - this seems like it would be a perfect time to correct prior decisions to use the XZ plane as the 'ground' and move to a more intuitive, industry standard of an XY ground.

    You are also correct that I can move to other software that does things better, and I am currently in the evaluation phase of different software - so that may be the end result. TBD. However one of the most important things I look at when evaluating software (either open source, or commercial), is how the vendor (or development team) is able to take constructive feedback from users in an effort to improve the product. I look for software teams that strive for excellence, continually work to improving the product and thoughtfully and cordially listen and respond to User concerns. I find little room for arrogance, attitude, and ego.

    With that all said, I do think that you and your team have certainly done a good job at xLights, and I hope that you continue to take my (any others) feedback constructively, with an eye to excellence. Should I conclude my evaluation and determine that xLights is the way to go, you can count on my support.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Default Re: xLights 3D Preview Demo

    If the software doesn't work for you, you can always return it for a full refund.

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