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Thread: Multiple Preview Setup

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    Default Multiple Preview Setup

    I moved into a new house about a month ago, and now I am trying to rework my setup so I at least have something up this year. I went from a townhouse, flat canvas, to a house with multiple roof lines. So I am now dealing with issues I previously did not have to worry about. Upside is I can now expand my show, but that will have to wait till next year. In the meantime, I need some help setting up the preview. I understand the concept of multiple previews. I have two images of different angles of my house, and I have manged to create two previews. The question is, how do I show different versions of the same model on the different previews. I created a poly-line model for the roof line for the first preview. But in the second preview, some parts of that will not be visible, and the location of the model on the image needs to be adjusted. But if you change it in one preview, it changes it in the other. Do I create a second poly-line model and just have overlapping nodes? And if I have two poly-line models for the same roof line, but each has a different node count, neither of which is the total number of nodes on the entire roof line, won't that create an issue when I export the show? Certainly someone else has encountered this issue. I appreciate the help.

    And I am aware that Gilrock is working on a 3D preview, which might solve these problems, but unless I missed something, that isn't available yet.


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    Default Re: Multiple Preview Setup

    Its not a problem to create a proxy model that overlaps the channels of another model. It just causes it to display the data on both models. Typically you would only sequence one of the models but you are not limited to that either.

    By the way the 3D layout is available but it was called "beta". From what I've seen so far I don't think there is any risk in model positions changing if someone were to just start using it as if they were moving forward with it. Some have already done so and love it. I don't have the links to the install Keith has posted them on the Facebook group.
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