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I have been following this forum and Wiki for awhile now and must say that this site has alot of great information for someone wanting to get into anything to do with lighting and the control of them.

Now, I know that this is not really a xmas thing but it is still about controlling the pixels and powering them, so I am hoping that someone here will be able to just review what I have planned and let me know if I am on the right track.

Plans: Building a 48 * 24 RGB pixel matrix (1152 Pixels)
Controller: SanDevices E6804 (Purchased)
Pixels: RayWu 12v 30mA/per pixel WS2811 https://goo.gl/SgKsCC

Have spent sometime reading and learning as much as I can from the Wiki. Here is a description of what I have planned with an image to hopefully help.

As there will be 12v pixels @ 30mA = 34.56Amps all up. I have chosen a 12v 40Amp power supply to run the lights and the controller, as 32 is 80% of 40. So running the supply at about 82% give or take a little.

From the 12v i have chosen to use 10AWG cable and have two paths from the power supply, both with a 20Amp fuse. This then leads into 2x 8way fuse blocks.

Fuse block explanation:
I have split up the matrix into sections. Each 96 pixels will be power injection. This makes 13 Injection points all up plus 1 at the end of the matrix (14 points of injection).
Each 96 pixels is 2.88Amps, so I have opted to use 14AWG cable from the fuse block to the pixels.

So each fuse block will have 7 outputs to pixels with 3Amp fuses.
All + leads will linked and all - will be linked.

Is this the correct thinking I have been doing?

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